Botanic Baby Nappy Prefolds

Botanic Baby reusable cloth nappy prefolds are a highly absorbent, multi-layered alternative to disposable diapers. They are able to be cleaned to AS4146-2000 hospital-grade standards, and can withstand being thermally sanitised at 85 degrees for up to 80 commercial washes.

Our cloth nappy prefolds fit into specially made covers that grow with the baby as it moves from the newborn and infant developmental stages through toddlerhood. We know better than anyone just how fast babies grow (and that parents need a way to keep up), so we developed our nappy covers with both you and the environment in mind. It's all part of our mission to maximize the lifespan of each and every reusable cloth nappy we manufacture. 

They can be used with a snappi (grip closure), or can be folded and inserted into the cover. More than one reusable nappy can also be used as doublers for extra absorbency at night. Either way, the adjustable grip closure is essential for getting the most use out of our cloth nappies. 

Each of our modern cloth nappies are made with 100% organic cotton twill-layered to quilt. As an Australian-owned company, Botanic Baby sources only the finest cotton that is also of commercial-grade quality. We know it's soft, absorbent, and durable because we wash it — again and again and again.

Common Folds

Botanic Baby Nappy Covers

Botanic baby nappy covers are available in two sizes: newborn (2-6 KG) and one size fits most (4-16KG). They are crafted to adjust as your baby grows by adjusting the snaps in the font panels. The modern cloth nappy cover is completely reusable unless heavily soiled.  

Simply wipe and leave to dry, alternating your nappy covers with new prefolds. You can perform multiple nappy changes for each cover, making them highly economical. The covers work with multiple cloth nappy insert types, including nappy prefolds, pad inserts, and compostable nappy pads.

Our nappy covers provide side leakage protection using gussets, which allow for secure closure around your baby's legs. The elasticated back and stretch fabric also ensures a good fit around the waist, and the cover has a front pocket to hold the prefold and prevent tummy leaks or insert movement. 

The laminated waterproof fabric is available in multiple colours. Browse through our nappy covers today to pick out the perfect one!