Botanic Baby story.

 Every year in Victoria,  there are 76,000 babies born. Per child, 700kg of used disposable nappies go into landfill, each nappy taking 500 years to breakdown. In reality nappies in landfill fossilise.

We believe this is a fantastic opportunity to make a difference to the environment, whether exclusively using cloth nappies or even partially (i.e at home).  

Using cloth can be initially daunting due to:

  • Effort to wash and dry

  • Cost of initial outlay for a sizeable nappy stash

 That's where we come in.  

We remove the effort and the initial cost of outlay providing you a service for a comparative cost to disposable nappies.

Environmentally friendly wash service. 

 We follow the AS4146-2000 standard for Laundry Service, using green cleaners, so that the water leaving our machines is sterile and ph neutral. 

Our commitment to sustainability. 

We believe in a closing environmental gaps in our business.  That means we don't just care about reducing landfill from disposable nappies,  we also care about what happens when cloth nappies need to be retired.  Did you know in the near future, today's cotton insert become tomorrows nappy cover fabric?

For nappies that don't end up being recycled for other uses: cleaning cloths or donated to community projects.  Nappies that are no longer usable for their original purpose are submitted for recycling to be  pulped and created into new fabrics like Rayon.  Reducing the need on primary cotton for different fabric types.  

We’re part of the community.

Local to Victoria we are committed to community small business and environment targets.  Helping people grow their business with our service to create more local jobs.  Helping councils meet landfill reduction targets to build a sustainable waste plan in a growing Victoria.