Botanic Baby's Monthly Sustainability Report

Every month, our team at Botanic Baby works incredibly hard to provide exceptional nappy services for each of our customers throughout the Greater Melbourne region, from dropping off, collecting, and washing reusable cloth nappies. Making sure parents and childcare centers have clean, comfortable, and safe modern cloth nappies for their children is our number one priority, and you have our promise to deliver nothing less.

While we do this, we also look to ensure that we are keeping the environment safe and clean as well. Given that sustainability and environmental protection are at the center of what we do, we are transparent about the impact local families have when they switch to reusable cloth nappies or biodegradable nappies. So, we have started to share the number of disposable nappies we have saved from landfill each month as more and more people join our cause. It goes out to our newsletter subscribers and customers, and you can find the links to these reports below!

If you have yet to sign up for our reusable cloth nappy service, and live near Melbourne, we would be happy to have you on board. Join us today!

Botanic Baby

Circular economy is a large focus of what we make. Every step closer to closing the loop is Better for your Baby and Better for the Environment.
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