Share Economy - The pro's and con's of getting a Nappy service or doing it yourself....

Share Economy - The pro's and con's of getting a Nappy service or doing it yourself....

Why are nappy services having resurgence in the market?

To cover this topic we need to first understand the share economy in relation to cloth nappies. The sharing economy refers to a system of exchange where individuals can share goods or services with each other, rather than purchasing them outright. In the context of nappies, a nappy service would be a sharing economy model where individuals can access a supply of cloth nappies without having to purchase them outright. Instead, they would pay a fee to access a pool of nappies that are washed and maintained by the service provider.
This is in contrast to washing nappies yourself, where individuals would need to purchase their own cloth nappies and be responsible for washing, drying, and maintaining them which involves a time cost. 

Why use a Nappy Service?

The advantage of a nappy service is that it can provide convenient access to cloth nappies, without the upfront cost of purchasing them. It can also reduce the burden of washing and maintaining the nappies, which can be time-consuming and difficult for some individuals.  This provides a comparable cost for disposables but without the landfill. 

Okay so..... Why would you wash nappies yourself?

Washing nappies yourself can provide greater choice on your preferred nappy brands and styles. If you have multiple fabric types in your chosen nappies, it also gives you the flexibility to control how you decide to wash them. 
Additionally, it can be more cost-effective in the long run, as the upfront cost of purchasing the nappies is offset by the reduced cost of washing and maintaining them over time given that you would be doing this as part of your do it yourself "household work" therefore you don't need to outlay money but you invest your time. 
Ultimately, the decision between a nappy service and washing nappies yourself will depend on the individual's priorities, such as cost, convenience, and environmental impact, among others. For more information - See our blog on Sustainable Nappies for the Top 5 things you need to know. 
Whatever you choice you make Botanic Baby has a cost and time effective option that's ...
Better for your Baby and Better for the environment.