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6 All in 2 nappies in Surf or Lemon. 

Nappies come in a kraft box gift pack ready for your Baby Shower. 

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Washing Instructions

Botanic Baby Australian Cotton Wash Guide

Thank-you for purchasing our 100% Organic Cotton Australian prefold! These pre-folds have been made using Australian grown cotton. The raw yarn is machine knitted, overlocked and finished in-house at Botanic Baby, Victoria, Australia.
Our prefolds are made from natural unbleached cotton which gives them their light brown/fawn colour. As it is spun and knitted completely raw, the cotton still contains its natural oils which need to be pre-washed out to get maximum absorbency.
We recommend up to 3-4 hot washes using a laundry powder that does NOT contain any whiteners or brighteners. We have found that the ‘Earth Choice’ brand quite good in the powder form.
You can also add ¼ teaspoon of dishwashing liquid to help dissolve the oils, but not too much that it foams up the machine. After each wash and dry, check a pre-fold for absorbency under a tap, initially the water will bead off, but once the oils have been dissolved out the water will soak in.
Sometimes you may achieve absorbency after the first wash, but we have occasionally had to wash up to 3-4 times to get sufficient absorbency. If you have access to a dryer this will speed up the process and also give greater softness from each wash.

Washing Botanic Baby Nappy Covers

Using a standard washing machine:
Place dirty covers in your washing machine for a pre-rinse
This will be located with your rinse and spin functions;  select rinse only.
On completion of rinse function, add in your baby clothes to wash on a long 40 degree wash 
To sanitise - use either laundry sanitiser or select 60 degree rinse
Front loading washing machines have a long cycle that enables this called either "easy wear" or "baby wear" that executes this for you - please check your washing machine instructions for the suitable programme on your washing machine. 
Please do not hesitate to contact us through chat if you have any further questions about washing at home.  Our team have washed 100,000's of nappies over the years and can assist you with washing your Botanic Baby nappies at home. 
We hope you enjoy our products!
Botanic Baby 
Reuseable Modern Cloth Nappies - specialising in the latest natural petroleum free technical fabrics for All in Two (AI2) nappies. 


At Botanic Baby, we believe that reusable cloth nappies are the key to closing environmental gaps in the disposable diaper business. Approximately 96,000 babies are born in Victoria every year, each producing 700 kg of disposable diapers that take up to 500 years to decompose. That said, now is the time to make the switch to reusable cloth nappies, and Botanic Baby is leading the industry with a convenient, eco-friendly cloth nappy wash service for residents in Melbourne and surrounding areas since 2014.

As parents ourselves, we understand that using cloth diapers can be daunting at first, what with the initial cost and the added effort to wash and dry them. In order to make cloth nappies an option for parents throughout Victoria, we collect, wash, and restock your reusable cloth nappies through an affordable cloth nappy laundry service that is comparative in cost to buying disposable diapers. Not only do we do this to remove the burden of handling soiled nappies, but also to ensure that the nappies are washed to commercial standards using efficient, eco-friendly methods. Over the years we have gathered the first hand information serving thousands of customers to create a Product of Australia nappy which is more absorbent, natural and petroleum free (insert),  and thinner than ever before. 

We don’t just care about reducing landfill waste by helping to eliminate disposable diapers worldwide — we are also proactive about ensuring that cloth nappies are responsibly handled when they need to be retired. Did you know that in the near future, today’s cotton nappy insert could become tomorrow’s nappy cover fabric? Contact us to learn more, and sign up for our nappy cleaning service today to start making a difference in protecting the environment!

Australian Made

Botanic Baby Nappies


Introducing our Certified Australian Made cotton cloth prefold nappy, the perfect choice for your baby's comfort and sustainability. Made from premium, soft and absorbent knitted cotton.
Our cloth nappy features a versatile design that allows for adjustable fit, providing a snug and comfortable fit for your baby. The nappy is also designed to be fast-drying and easy to clean, making it a convenient option for busy parents.
As an eco-friendly alternative to disposable nappies, our knitted cotton cloth prefold nappy is a great way to reduce your carbon footprint and support a more sustainable future. Made with 100% Australian grown cotton, this nappy is free from harsh chemicals and is safe for your baby's delicate skin.
Our cloth nappies are cost-effective and long-lasting, making them a great investment for your baby's comfort. With our knitted cotton cloth prefold nappy, you can be assured that your baby is wearing a soft, comfortable, and eco-friendly nappy.
Made from 100% traceable Australian cotton grown in Queensland. The fabric is knitted, the product sewn and finished in Victoria, by Botanic Baby. The nappies are designed and made by our team who have serviced thousands of customers in our nappy wash service since 2014.

The architected contours of the Australian Cotton Nappy are thirsty pockets that draw liquid in and away from the babies bottom.

    These unbleached cotton nappies are commercial washing grade also known as "diaper service quality" (DSQ), the finished the product will not shrink as its pre-finished and checked by us prior to being available for sale.

    Nappies should be pre-washed for your use at least twice on high temperature (above 60 degrees celsius) to remove natural oils and prepare fibres for top absorbency.

    You can use them like a pre-fold or with a nappy closure suitable for all cover types.


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