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Want to use Cloth Nappies but you just need to know a bit more?

We have compiled a community knowledge base of FAQ's, Cloth 101's and dusted off the Botanic Baby Video How to Archives to get you all prepared with everything you needed to know about cloth nappies, cloth diapering, cloth wiping and cloth washing. 

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How do I wash Cloth Nappies?

Botanic Baby Australian Cotton Wash Guide

Thank-you for purchasing our 100% Organic Cotton Australian prefold! These pre-folds have been made using Australian grown cotton. The raw yarn is machine knitted, overlocked and finished in-house at Botanic Baby, Victoria, Australia.
Our prefolds are made from natural unbleached cotton which gives them their light brown/fawn colour. As it is spun and knitted completely raw, the cotton still contains its natural oils which need to be pre-washed out to get maximum absorbency.
We recommend up to 3-4 hot washes using a laundry powder that does NOT contain any whiteners or brighteners. We have found that the ‘Earth Choice’ brand quite good in the powder form.
You can also add ¼ teaspoon of dishwashing liquid to help dissolve the oils, but not too much that it foams up the machine. After each wash and dry, check a pre-fold for absorbency under a tap, initially the water will bead off, but once the oils have been dissolved out the water will soak in.
Sometimes you may achieve absorbency after the first wash, but we have occasionally had to wash up to 3-4 times to get sufficient absorbency. If you have access to a dryer this will speed up the process and also give greater softness from each wash.

Washing Botanic Baby Nappy Covers

Using a standard washing machine:
Place dirty covers in your washing machine for a pre-rinse
This will be located with your rinse and spin functions;  select rinse only.
On completion of rinse function, add in your baby clothes to wash on a long 40 degree wash 
To sanitise - use either laundry sanitiser or select 60 degree rinse
Front loading washing machines have a long cycle that enables this called either "easy wear" or "baby wear" that executes this for you - please check your washing machine instructions for the suitable programme on your washing machine. 
Please do not hesitate to contact us through chat if you have any further questions about washing at home.  Our team have washed 100,000's of nappies over the years and can assist you with washing your Botanic Baby nappies at home. 
We hope you enjoy our products!
Botanic Baby 
Reuseable Modern Cloth Nappies - specialising in the latest natural petroleum free technical fabrics for All in Two (AI2) nappies. 

How many nappies do I really need to buy?

What is an All-In-Two (AI2) Cloth Nappy?

The most purchased cloth nappies are All in Two. AI2 cloth nappies consist of two parts: a waterproof outer shell (made of PUL - Polyurethane Laminate) and a removable absorbent insert (made of cotton in this case).
They are designed to be a versatile and eco-friendly cloth nappy (diapering) option.
Where the insert lays in the cover you may only need to change the nappy insert and not the cover. This means you need less covers to inserts making AI2 nappies more cost effective.

Why choose Nappy Covers made from TPU or PUL?

TPU/PUL covers are popular because they are waterproof yet breathable. This material is also durable, lightweight, and easy to clean, making it ideal for nappy covers.

Why choose wool nappy covers?

Wool is a natural fibres and hold 30% their weight in liquid. Untreated wool is used for boosters - while nappy covers must be treated every wash.

They are treated with lanolin to be water resistant as a nappy cover. This waxy substance is applied post wash and left in the wool to make it water resistant.

While the wool cover may feel damp post naps. You simply exchange and dry out the cover. Washing is only required for spot soils or every 2-3 weeks.

When wearing a wool cover over your nappy, your baby remains warm even though the nappy is wet. This makes it the perfect night-time cover.

What are the benefits of cotton inserts?

Cotton inserts are favored for their natural fibers, high absorbency, and softness against the baby’s skin. They are also easy to clean, durable, and less prone to retaining odors compared to synthetic materials.

How often should I change an AI2 Nappy?

Typically, AI2 nappies should be changed every 2-4 hours during the day. You may need to change more frequently for newborns or adjust based on your baby’s needs.

Can Botanic Baby AI2 Nappies be used overnight?

Yes, they can be used overnight, but you might need to add extra inserts for increased absorbency depending on your babies needs.

How do I wash Botanic Baby AI2 cloth nappies?

Pre-wash the nappies until they are absorbent before first use.

For regular washing, remove inserts, rinse off any solid waste, and store in a dry pail. Wash in a machine with a mild detergent on a warm setting, and follow with an extra rinse.

Air dry the covers and tumble dry the inserts if needed.

For more detailed instructions see how do I wash cloth nappies.

How do I avoid nappy leaks?

Ensure a snug fit around the waist and thighs. Don’t overload the cover with too many inserts as this can cause gaps. Regularly check and adjust the fit as your baby grows.

Botanic Baby has double gusset to ensure that heavy nappies don't exit the contents. Its one of our much loved features.

Are PUL Covers and Cotton Inserts Prone to Staining?

Cotton inserts may stain, but sun-bleaching is an effective natural method to remove stains. PUL covers are less prone to staining but should be kept away from high heat and harsh chemicals to maintain their waterproof qualities.

Can I Use Fabric Softeners and Bleach on AI2 Nappies?

Avoid fabric softeners as they can reduce absorbency. Bleach should be used sparingly and only when necessary, as it can deteriorate the fabric over time.

What is required to maintain the nappies?

Wash nappies when they are soiled. The more nappies you have the less you need to wash - try and have enough to fit your washing machine and have some spares for wash day. This is about 20-24.

You may need to do some stain maintenance - note bright red stain from panadol will not come out. Embrace it as a reminder of your babies new teeth vs your ability to get your nappies clean.

The covers elastics will stretch so if you want to use the covers for multiple people you will need to unpick and add some new elastic. Elastic life depends on the number of washes. You child will grow out of their clothes much faster than the nappy cover.

How Long Do AI2 Nappies Last?

With proper care, AI2 nappies can last through multiple children. The lifespan depends on the usage frequency and maintenance.