A Guide to Washing Reuseable Nappies

Botanic Baby Australian Cotton Wash Guide

Thank-you for purchasing our 100% Organic Cotton Australian prefold! These pre-folds have been made using Australian grown cotton. The raw yarn is machine knitted, overlocked and finished in-house at Botanic Baby, Victoria, Australia.
Our prefolds are made from natural unbleached cotton which gives them their light brown/fawn colour. As it is spun and knitted completely raw, the cotton still contains its natural oils which need to be pre-washed out to get maximum absorbency.
We recommend up to 3-4 hot washes using a laundry powder that does NOT contain any whiteners or brighteners. We have found that the ‘Earth Choice’ brand quite good in the powder form.
You can also add ¼ teaspoon of dishwashing liquid to help dissolve the oils, but not too much that it foams up the machine. After each wash and dry, check a pre-fold for absorbency under a tap, initially the water will bead off, but once the oils have been dissolved out the water will soak in.
Sometimes you may achieve absorbency after the first wash, but we have occasionally had to wash up to 3-4 times to get sufficient absorbency. If you have access to a dryer this will speed up the process and also give greater softness from each wash.

Washing Botanic Baby Nappy Covers

Using a standard washing machine:
Place dirty covers in your washing machine for a pre-rinse
This will be located with your rinse and spin functions;  select rinse only.
On completion of rinse function, add in your baby clothes to wash on a long 40 degree wash 
To sanitise - use either laundry sanitiser or select 60 degree rinse
Front loading washing machines have a long cycle that enables this called either "easy wear" or "baby wear" that executes this for you - please check your washing machine instructions for the suitable programme on your washing machine. 
Please do not hesitate to contact us through chat if you have any further questions about washing at home.  Our team have washed 100,000's of nappies over the years and can assist you with washing your Botanic Baby nappies at home. 
We hope you enjoy our products!
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As Melbourne's #1 Nappy Wash Service, we buy the nappies we make and use them in our domestic and commercial service. That means longevity and being useable for a diverse set of babies, toddlers as they grow is very important to our business model.

When you purchase an Australian Made knitted nappy you are buying the highest quality cotton, made to last.


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Our factory, is located in Melbourne's south east, we have run our Nappy product and wash service for 9 years. We promote local economy by sourcing Australian Cotton. Expert hands are commissioned by artisan methods and taking care of the smallest detail of manufacturing our products.

By sourcing Australia Cotton and making in Australia we are further reducing our CO2 emissions while being in control of our raw materials and suppliers.


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We select natural yarn that demonstrate an ongoing commitment to reduce environmental impact. Organic, cotton and eco-friendly. Sustainability lies at the very heart of what we do by saving Landfill, using circular natural yarns.

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