Strawberry Print Pull up

The revolutionary Pull-uP which provides an Eco option for those looking for a fun, funky and easy to use pull-up style nappy pant.

Australian designed.

Our softest pant yet.  The super soft and stretchy waist band is married with a breathable waterproof body and leg cuffs to provide extra protection.  These Pull-uPs are used to support the Eenee Compostable uPads.

Splitting the nappy into two parts has allowed us to create a truly sustainable option. Instead of throwing away the non-renewable elastic and plastics on which all disposable pull-ups rely, we re-use it hundreds of time with our Baby Pull-Up pants. These pants then support our commercially compostable / biodegradable pads - the first and only to be endorsed by Compost Australia. 

You can enjoy the convenience of a pull-up pant along with a sustainable disposable option.

You can pair with a large cloth booster to create a training pant - this will just get you to the toilet.  The entire pant is not water proof so not usable for cloth nappies.

Medium 7-12kg or 6-24 months
Large 12-18kg or 2-4 years
Extra Large 18-25kg or 4-8 years

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