Partime Pack - 3 Covers, 12 Prefolds

Everything you need to use cloth for your baby.

This pack is perfect for a gift or as a top up to your existing nappy stash. 
It contains 3 Covers, 12 Prefolds 

Unbleached cotton pre-folds  - commercial washing grade.  Product will shrink and quilt up during pre-wash.  Nappies should be pre-washed: Strip wash plus rinse wash or 4 normal washes to remove natural oils and prepare fibres for top absorbency.

You can use them in a fold with a snappy to close, with a Wool or PUL cover.  
Using PUL; as your baby grows you lay the insert in the cover and close.

Newborn 100% Cotton pre-fold, unbleached 10" x 13", Perfect size for premmie/small babies (2kg - 4.5kg). 

Infant 100% Cotton pre-fold, Unbleached 12" x 16",  Perfect size for Newborn to Infant (4.5kg - 9kg). 

Toddler 100% Cotton pre-fold, Unbleached 14" x 21",  Perfect size for Toddlers(9kg and over). 

Extra Covers & Wetbags are sold separately 

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