New Starter Pack - Cloth Nappy Wash

Registration for 4 weeks Prefold wash service.

Wash service includes rental and wash, delivery and pick up.

For a one of lease of $20.00 - The starter pack includes:

  1. Nappy Bucket with press open lid
  2. 3 pail liners
  3. 5 Loan Small OSFM Botanic Baby Nappy covers which you wash at home.

The cost of the newborn weekly wash is $37.95 which is comparable to Huggies nappies $38.30. Your service cost reduces as your baby requires less nappies. You can also buy your covers when you are happy to continue the service less the rental fee you have already paid.

Please note: During the 4 weeks, we will know what your little one needs and can adjust your requirements and service price accordingly.

There is no additional shipping or delivery fees.

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