Compostable 240L bin liners

Extra strong yet soft touch Cardia Compostable Biodegradable garbage bin bags are made with GMO free, renewable, plant based Cardia
Compostable material.

Bag Size   139cm x 113cm

Quantity per roll   12


Great Performance

  • Cardia Compostable bags deliver high product performance.
  • Films are strong and tough with good sealability..
  • Cardia bags are excellent printability and colourability allow your business the opportunity for product differentiation..
  • Validated by Councils, retailers, brand owners and packaging companies..

Environment friendly

  • Made with less oil. Contain GMO free, renewable, plant based Cardia Compostable material..
  • Reduce global warming when used as organic waste bags to divert organic waste from landfill..
  • Cardia Compostable bags are certified to international standards for biodegradability and compostability:.
  • Europe EN13432,USA ASTM D6400, AUS AS4736, Japan Green Pla..

Naturally Recyclable

  • Cardia Compostable bags can be composted in aerobic, industrial composting plants. Turn into compost, condition soil for improved plant growth. No change to current composting practices. Independently verified.