Combo Service

Botanic Baby Combo Service

Want the best of both worlds?

If you have an existing cloth nappy service and want to combine use of Eenee compostables simply put the compostable in your nappy bin and we will separate them out to send to the processor. We only accept Eenee compostable nappies and compostable wipes purchased from Botanic Baby as:

  1. It includes the process fee in the retail cost
  2. and we know they work with our specialist composting the nappies


Combo Starter Pack

  • Lease of Bin, pail liner and covers 
  • Botanic Baby prefold service 40 nappies 
  • Eenee Compostable Nappy Service (1 pack)
  • Access to portal to adjust sizing and subscription timeframes
  • Additional options can be purchased separately