Botanic Baby & Eenee Compostable Nappies

Natural Nappies - Processed To Support Nature

Compostable nappies don't belong in overcrowded landfills; they are able to be aerobically digested, which enables the processed "compost" to benefit the land as a soil conditioner, fertilizer, and natural pesticide. In ecosystems, compost is useful for erosion control, land and stream reclamation, wetland construction, and more.Botanic Baby is the proud supplier of a compostable nappy product that is both comfortable for your baby and good for the earth. Over the last few decades, Eenee Designs, an Australian compostable nappy company, has created innovative nappies from the softest, most breathable, fit-for-purpose, environmentally friendly, and sustainable materials available. Unlike disposable diapers, these compostable nappies are made primarily of ingredients that will decompose and nourish the earth when put in the proper environment.

Botanic Baby ensures that Eenee compostable nappies are disposed of correctly by making an arrangement with a specialised composting facility and Eenee Designs to ensure that the cradle-to-grave potential of the nappy is fulfilled. The commercial composter will collect the nappies and safely compost them over a few months. Given that they are thermally sanitised via aerobic digestion, the risk of disease from pathogens developing is next to none. That's a whole lot safer than disposing of nappies into landfills, where they can spread disease and remain fossilised for over 500 years.

With compostable Eenee nappies, you'll sleep easier knowing that if you do choose disposable diapers, you can use them with a service that doesn't add to landfills.

Eenee Nappies

Eenee Designs manufactures a completely compostable nappy made of sustainable materials. This means that it can be processed safely with no need to rip off tabs or remove back sheets, landing zones, dispersion layers, etc. You simply use the compostable nappy with an Eenee belt, Eenee little pullup pant, or Botanic Baby nappy cover.

What's the processing charge?

When you purchase compostable nappies from Botanic Baby, your processing fee is included in the price, and we will pick up your compostable nappies weekly to take them to the processor. If you have an existing cloth nappy service and want to combine compostables, simply put the compostable in your nappy bin and we will separate them out to send to the processor. We only accept Eenee compostable nappies for our drop-off and pick-up service, as they are the only completely compostable nappy.

Botanic Baby Compost Service

That being said, Botanic Baby provides the same 5-star nappy service for compostable inserts as it does for reusable cloth nappies. 

All you have to do is purchase your starter pack for $229.95, which contains:


Compostable bin liners

    Lease of nappy bin and purchase option of belts, pullup or lease of cover  to suit your baby's size

      Four compostable nappy collections for processing

        Access to our online portal to adjust sizing and subscription timeframes

        With our compostable nappy service, we will drop off your service pack prior to your baby's arrival. Simply call when you plan to start using the service, and we will schedule in your collection, refresh your nappy supply, and add any other purchases on your collection day. 

        There is no better way to practice sustainability while making it easier to change your baby's diaper and dispose of the waste. Compostable nappies are a practical alternative to reusable cloth nappies for those who prefer to dispose their nappies rather than having them washed. If you are interested in becoming part of our mission to save the earth with compostable nappies, purchase yours now!


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