Cloth Nappy Service

Botanic Baby Nappy Wash Service

As part of our mission to protect the environment by reducing landfill waste from disposable diapers, we provide Melbourne residents who use our nappy cleaning service with a suitable amount of cloth diapers to rent, which we alter as their child grows. We will then collect and wash the cloth diapers weekly, replacing them with those that are freshly washed. 

Our reusable nappy service includes an initial four-week pack, which you can elect to continue with weekly or our fortnightly dalmation service add-ons. Our cloth nappy laundry service kit contains:

As an optional upgrade, you can also add cloth baby wipes in the same amount as your reusable cloth nappy order. When we collect and wash the soiled cloth diapers, we will also clean the cloth baby wipes as a thank you for choosing to eliminate the use of disposable baby wipes.

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