Combo Nappy Service

At Botanic Baby, we understand that making the switch to using only reusable cloth nappies can be a difficult adjustment at first. That's why we offer a combo nappy service that contains both reusable cloth diapers and compostable nappies for Melbourne parents who are always on the go. After all, who can blame you for not wanting to carry around a soiled cloth nappy while you're running errands with your little one? 

With our combo nappy service, you get the best of both worlds: reusable cloth nappies and Eenee compostables. Our starter pack contains: 

  • Nappy bin rental
  • Nappy bin liners & covers
  • Reusable cloth nappies & wash service
  • Eenee compostable diapers & disposal service
  • Access to our online sizing portal

The best part about our combo nappy service is that you can supplement your reusable cloth nappies with compostables without feeling any guilt. As part of our combo nappy service package, we offer a pick-up service for Eenee compostable diapers in order to ensure that they are processed and decompose correctly. 

We also offer compostable carton uPads and uPad inserts for parents with toddlers who need a little extra absorption for their pull-ups. See them below, and sign up for our combo nappy service today!