Upads Compostable Carton
Upads Compostable Carton
Upads Compostable Carton

Upads Compostable Carton


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Boost your combo nappy service with Eenee uPads for enhanced absorption and leak prevention!
  • The double elastic leg guards and waterproof layer keeps moisture from escaping the biodegradable nappy or modern nappy cover
  • Made with breathable materials to reduce sweating and diaper rashes
  • All materials are sustainably produced, responsibly sourced, and 100 percent compostable

If your baby needs a little extra leakage protection, Eenee uPads will do the trick! Simply slide one into the biodegradable nappy or modern cloth nappy cover and secure it in place for extra absorption. Eenee uPads are made for use with Eenee Pull-uPs, Eenee Baby Nappy Belts, and Botanic Baby nappy covers, and are completely compostable so they leave little to no trace on the environment. Select your size below and add Eenee compostable uPads to your combo nappy service!

  • Note: The below price is recommended retail — if you are an existing service customer please purchase the below if you require extra nappies in your service. You will need to add collection and processing to this product you can do so here or save by purchasing a regular subscription


Small (300ml) contains 102 uPads
Medium (500ml) Contains 90 uPads

Large (700ml) Contains 78 uPads