Staff Update - March 2018

We have two lovely ladies embracing their new babies this month...

Rachael  - You would normally find Rachael looking after your service bookings and changes - and providing you advice via all communication methods; Phone, SMS, email, Service Desk, Social media. She is our longest serving staff member and previous to that she was one of our customers.

Sarah - Has been looking after our products within the shop and helping prepare us for the very major Pregnancy and Baby Expo.  She's due to have her first baby and has already got her stash ready to go!

We are very blessed to provide truly flexible working for our mothers, while they are taking a small break they aren't leaving us at all.  

Positions Available

We have two, three day positions available.  One available immediately and the other coming up in May. All our positions no matter how senior -  require washing and sorting, delivery driving, retail packing, social media and team work.  We are growing and expect these roles to grow and, or more roles to be added.

If you would like to find out more, please email