Part 2 - Toilet Training Archer: The hits and misses

Toilet training:  Part 2

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There were lots of lessons last blog on just getting to yes..  so now what?   We began, what I would now class as toilet training.  We had training pants, underpants and boxers as we embarked on week one.

The excited beginning

We started on a Friday and put underpants on, and the excited notifications of 
"A wee is coming"
"A poo is coming"

I was getting pretty excited except I did find that his terminology of something arriving usually meant it was finished in his pants - just letting you know. 

We put boosters in his boxers to give us enough time to actually get to him before needing to clean the floor, the fabric or leather sofa, the pure wool rug, duvets, my clothes and/or shoes, usually right before I needed to leave for work. (Please see my next blog about my new found cleaning skills...).

By Sunday, he was weeing in the toilet.  During the daytime he was trained for wees -  nappies were on for night time and we did put boosters in his boxers. But he still did poos in his pants, this really is the point when it struck me as a developmental journey. Before this, I was looking at it like some natural instinct. Everyone goes to the toilet, but the reality is,  the toilet is a victorian error invention that we are now educating our children on how to use. 

I needed to remain focused on what he had accomplished:

  1. going to the toilet before he wee'd, 
  2. pulling his pants down, 
  3. getting on the toilet by himself, 
  4. weeing in the toilet, 
  5. wiping himself, 
  6. pulling his pants back up, 
  7. flushing the toilet (this is a reward by the way!), 
  8. washing his hands (turning on the tap is another reward!), 
  9. and drying his hands.  

So any disappointment of your child not getting poo's done in the toilet, should be buoyed up by the fact, they have put together so many little learnings to come this far.  Although,  this was not what I was thinking -  while I was cleaning up. :/

Another interesting thing that came us was: How on earth do I wipe his bottom?  Its actually not the same. I tried wiping like I did when he lied down for his nappy change - this is no longer effective when you have pull down pants and your toddler is standing up.  I have come to the conclusion, that getting him to touch his toes and then wipe is the easiest way.   I stock cloth wet wipes in the bathroom to make this a quick job, our pail liner is also located in the toilet so I just pop them straight in there.  If you don't have a pail liner in the toilet you can use a wetbag.


Two steps forward, 1 Step back

During the Second week he started to have days where he had no accidents and poos in the toilet at childcare, but still he would do it in his pants at home.  His nappies at night time were wet, wetter than usual. In hinesight I realise this was Archer, just getting used to holding his pee and then subsequently releasing it when he relaxed at night. We started taking him to the toilet before bed.

The third week - we had a little wee relapse with a few accidents but mostly due to focusing on what he was doing he didn’t realise he wanted to go to the toilet. We frequently have little chats or check-ins over coffee (babycino's); As usually I spoke to him about childcare and what's been going on there and how going to the toliet has been, his response:

A:Sometimes, Ms J gets angry (Ms J is his teacher)

Me: Why?

A: Because I pee on her floor

Me: Oh, I see

A: Yes, she likes a clean floor mummy

Me: Oh, mummy likes a clean floor too!! 

A: Not like Ms J.  She is happy with me when I go wees and poos in the toilet. 

Me: You know, Archie. Mummy is just like Ms J, Mummy really likes wees and poos in the toilet.

A: Okay - I remember that


This took a little effort and I really think what paid off was a little story a friend told me (you know who you are).

The story goes:  There is a man at the wees and poos factory, is really happy when he gets your wees and poos - and he will call me asking where they are, if you don't send them down the toilet where they go straight to the man at the wee's and poo's factory.  Lets try and make the man happy. 

I now find myself needing to book in a tour of the Melbourne Treatment Plant to see the man at the wees and poos factory because he must be sooo happy with Archie.  (The things...... you get roped into). Still it worked and he's been consistently pooing in the toilet.


Night Time - Wake Up Time

His nappy at night time is consistently dry, we still use his night time nappy incase.  He has started waking up to go to the toilet, wanting assistance.  Now here is the thing...

You can't say go in your nappy.... I know how much you want to..... I did it.....I will save my long list of excuses as to why I did it...

The look I got -  in horror, he told me - "No, I a big boy now I go to the toilet" 

I can hear the little voice in the back of my head.... Consistency Consistency....chuckle now people -  this will happen to you....


Saying goodbye to getting my nappies serviced

At this stage; We are down to 6 nappies a week and about 10 pairs of underpants - I do this at home now as Archer is our only child. If you haven't seen videos on how to wash nappies at home check out our video guides here.

Socialisation of the concept of going to the toilet, the ceremonies, the act of actually physically positioning themselves on the toilet and all of the other skills- it may only take 3 days from when your child decides to wee in the toilet for them to really be toilet trained but they will take their time, months before learning this capability made up of many little skills. 

Enjoy learning about your baby as they learn something new, it has been a lot of fun and exasperating at the same time.


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